About us

Blogos is the official blog of the Logos Institute of Analytic and Exegetical Theology at the University of St Andrews. As your source for popular and academic discussions concerning the latest developments in analytic and exegetical theology, you will find provocative articles and podcasts on:

  • the relationship between biblical scholarship, philosophy, and theology;

  • God, history and the incarnation;

  • human and divine reconciliation;

  • the meaning and nature of human existence;

  • and more!

The conversations featured on this site reflect the Logos Institute’s values: bringing constructive biblical scholarship, academic theology, and philosophy into productive engagement that reflects analytic philosophy’s values of felicity, accountability, and rigour. Come back every two weeks for a new article, interview, or lecture.



Dani Ross is the chief editor of Blogos and a producer and co-host of the Logos Podcast, Pogos. She is a PhD candidate at the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology working under the supervision of Steve Holmes. Her thesis topic is on the intersection of divine wrath and the atonement. Her other areas of research include the theology of hell, philosophy of emotion, human and divine, and the theology of gender. Dani is also the co-director of Logia St Andrews, which is an organization that exists to support and develop female students in Divinity and related disciplines.