POGOS: David Moffitt on Sacrifice and the Ongoing Reconciling Work of Jesus in First John

Jonathan Rutledge
Tuesday 7 April 2020

This week in Pogos we have the ninth session from our summer Logos Conference in which Dr David Moffitt (University of St Andrews) presents his paper, “Sacrifice and the Ongoing Reconciling Work of Jesus in 1 John.” His respondent was Dr Kevin Timpe (Calvin University) and Dr Faith Glavey Pawl was the session moderator.


People - School of Divinity - University of St Andrews

David Moffitt is a Reader in New Testament at the University of St Andrews and has published field-changing work on the logic of resurrection in the book of Hebrews. HIs research interests orbit around the various ways the earliest Christians understood Jesus and their own identities in relation to Jewish scripture, practices, and beliefs. His work is especially focused on the Epistle to the Hebrews and the strategies the text employs to interpret early Christian claims about Jesus’ person, death, resurrection, and ascension in high-priestly and sacrificial terms. 

Kevin Timpe is the William H. Jellema Chair in Christian Philosophy at Calvin College. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Saint Louis University in 2004. His primary research interests range across the metaphysics of free will, philosophy of disability, virtue theory, and philosophical theology. He has published nine books, including Disability and Inclusive Community (Calvin Press, 2018), the Routledge Companion to Free Will (Routledge, 2017), Virtues and their Vices (Oxford University Press, 2014), and Free Will in Philosophical Theology (Bloomsbury, 2013). In addition, he’s published over 50 journal articles and book chapters.












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