Each month Blogos features an article as part of our Logia series. This content is created in partnership with the Logos Institute’s Logia initiative.

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What is Caribbean Christian Theology?/¿Qué es la teología cristiana caribeña? by Juliany González Nieves

Reflections from the Other Half by Jill Firth

A Reflection on Stillness/የ”እንረፍ” ጥሪ፣ በሰብለወንጌል ዳንኤል by Seblewengel Daniel

In Search of Shalom / En busca de shalom by Juliany González Nieves

What Do You Mean, Colour? by Ann Gillian Chu

A Misfit’s Take on Academic Survival by Jacqueline M. Hidalgo

The Church Benefits When I Bring My Particular Self by Sarah Shin

Contempt of Presence by Sheila Caldwell

Never Simply a Woman: Introduced by Christa McKirland and Written by Sofanit Abebe

Meaningful Inclusion by Fanos Tsegaye

Whiteness is Not the Plumbline (Introducing Logia’s 2019–2020 Blog Series) by Christa L. McKirland

Gender, Race, Biblical Studies, and Constructing a Different “Table” by Mitzi J. Smith

A Parable of Talents by Craig E. Bacon

“But, Lord, She Was a Woman,” by David McNutt

On Trumpets, Greek, and Good Teaching by Erin Heim

“Undressing” Philosophical Theology – Lessons from Mechthild of Magdeburg by Amber L. Griffioen

Staying In and Why It Matters by Elizabeth Shively

Why Does Logia Exist? by Christa L. McKirland

Flourishing by Hud Hudson

Following God’s Call into the Theological Academy by Anna Moseley Gissing

The Case for Open Borders in Theological Study by Carolyn Custis James

You Can Be What You Can Read by Katya Covrett

A Theology that Honors the Catholicity of the Church: The Need for Women (and POC) Theologians by Juliany González Nieves

Where are the Women? by Christa McKirland

The One Where D.H. Lawrence and Dorothy Sayers Told Me That I Am Human by Stephanie Nicole Nordby

Theology, Science, and the Pursuit of Integration by Sarah Lane Ritchie

A Woman Named Mary by Karen McClain Kiefer

My Journey to a PhD in Hebrew Bible by Tamara J. Knudson

God’s Word and My Calling to Teach It by Amy Peeler

Who We Are

You Can Be What You Can See by Christa McKirland

Logia is a Logos initiative which seeks to support current female students and staff and encourage women to pursue divinity disciplines at the postgraduate level. It is directed by Christa McKirland. As a part of the Logos Institute, it is particularly interested in bringing the disciplines of philosophy, theology, and biblical studies into conversation. By equipping women at this level, more qualified women will be ready and able to enter the academy and the church. Find out more by visiting the Logia website, Facebook, and Twitter.