POGOS: Porter C. Taylor on Homo Adorans

Jonathan Rutledge
Thursday 19 March 2020

This week in Pogos we welcome Porter Case Taylor back to the podcast as he talks us through the significance of Fr Alexander Schmemann for liturgical theology.


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The Reverand Porter Case Taylor is a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen where he is writing his dissertation on liturgical theology. He is a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and serves at Church of the Apostles, Kansas City as Theologian in Residence. Porter lives in Kansas with his wife and their three sons.


Joshua Cockayne is a lecturer in the Logos Institute. His research focuses on analytic theology, ecclesiology and liturgy. His book on Kierkegaard and second-personal approaches to spirituality will come out with Baylor University Press in 2020. He has published articles in Faith and Philosophy, the Journal of Analytic Theology, Zygon, and Religious Studies.


Christa L McKirland
is a former producer and co-host of
Pogos as well as a Research Fellow in the Logos Institute. She now works at Carey Baptist University (New Zealand) as a Lecturer in Systematic Theology and serves as the Executive director of Logia. Her research proposes a pneumatologically-Christocentric anthropology based upon the significance and uniqueness of the fundamental human need for intentional dependence upon the divine presence.









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