POGOS: Timothy Pawl on Extended Conciliar Christology & Why We Should Care About Contradictions in Theology

Stephanie Nicole Nordby
Wednesday 27 March 2019

This week in Pogos, we continue our discussion with Dr. Tim Pawl concerning conciliar Christology. The discussion begins with Christ’s descent into Hell and conclude with a discussion on the nature of theology and analytic theology in particular.


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Dr. Tim Pawl is an Association Professor in Philosophy at the University of St Thomas. His areas of expertise include metaphysics, moral psychology, & philosophical theology, and he is currently a senior research fellow at the Logos Institute for Analytic & Exegetical Theology. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including two monographs in the well-known Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology series, Acta Philosophica, Australasia Journal of Philosophy, Res Philosophica, and many others.


Jonathan C Rutledge is a producer and host of the Logos Institute’s official podcast, Pogos. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied under Linda T. Zagzebski, and he holds a Ph.D. in divinity from the University of St Andrews where he studied under Alan J. Torrance. His primary academic interests lie in the areas of epistemology, philosophy of religion, and systematic & analytic theology. His current projects include work on the nature of forgiveness, a sacrificial account of atonement, philosophical Arminianism as an account of divine creation, and constructing a new Foley-inspired account of epistemic rationality & defeat.

Stephanie Nicole Nordby is also a producer and co-host of Pogos, as well as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics at Lee University. Nordby received a Ph.D. in philosophy under the supervision of Linda Zagzebski at the University of Oklahoma. Her dissertation focused on divine predication and attributes, biblical genres and philosophy of language, and classical theism and the Hebrew Scriptures. In addition to her interest in analytic and exegetical theology, Nordby is interested in metaphysics, animal ethics, and virtue ethics. She is also working on a Ph.D. in theology at the Logos Institute, working under supervisors Oliver Crisp and Christoph Schwoebel. Her dissertation project is a book on the philosophical and systematic implications of the early high Christology movement.

Eustace Scrubb Nordby is in Pupfessor of Canine Dogmatics at the Logos Institute. He is an expert on Karl Bark and Wolfhart Pannenberg. His theological hero is Francis of Assisi, and in his free time he enjoys a good game of chase on the East Sands. From time to time, Eustace helps out with Pogos recordings.









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