Logia: Who We Are

Stephanie Nicole Nordby
Sunday 18 March 2018

Check out our newly produced video capturing the vision of Logia.

Logia hopes to increase the visibility of women in the Academy and the Church so that women’s voices may be more valued in these contexts. Thus, supporting women pursuing post-graduate divinity education is a means to Logia’s primary end: to encourage women’s full participation in the Academy and Church according to each woman’s convictions and conscience. Furthermore, we welcome scholars engaging in concerns related to women’s roles across any religious or non-religious perspective.




Christa L. McKirland is a Ph.D. candidate in the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology and the Director of Logia. Her research is focusing on the concept of fundamental human need as an untapped resource for understanding theological anthropology.


Each month Blogos features an article created in partnership with the Logos Institute’s Logia initiative. You can see an archive of these articles here.

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